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  • What are they?

DPF (diesel particle filter) and FAP (filter à particules), these devices are used for removing diesel particles from gas exhaust system. These devices are mounted in EURO4 and EURO5 standard cars since 2005. DPF and FAP retains from 120,000 to 180,000 km. However, that depends on many aspects, such as type of the filter and model of the car. Some of the filter producers use supplements to make filters last longer, but these supplements as filters are expensive and it require exceptionally thorough care. Also, filter retain depends on various aspects, such as the quality of fuel, the condition of turbine, etc.

  • Problems with DPF/FAP

After the provided mileage (using lower fuel quality), DPF filter might be clogged. As a result of this, the car engine loses the power, the consumption of fuel increase etc.

  • How to solve the problem?

Forced filter regeneration. Despite producers set validity, some of the filters can be regenerated. Regeneration can be done through diagnostics connect, but this method is not very effective, because this will only make the filter to last longer, actually this method will pollute the filter. DPF/FAP liquid supplement. Some of producers use special liquids for engines powered by diesel to clean the filters. Such liquids cause regeneration for filters. Note that these liquids are not cheap, also you may need diagnosis for your car. In case any errors occur, it is necessary to change the filter system parameters. Replacing the filter. If it is impossible to regenerate the filter, a new one would cost from 2,000 to 6,000 Litas. The price depends on the quality, construction, etc. Solving the problem with programmes which change database of the car computer. Basically, it is a programme which ‘cheat’ the DPF/FAP systems. How does it work? Well, the program changes the database of your computer and it always shows that there is no problem with the filter. However, this method is not recommended because there might occur new problems. One more method to solve the problem with DPF/FAP is taking them out or turning off. This method is cheaper than changing a filter to a new one. Also, you will not need to worry about the power decrease of your car, increase of fuel consumption anymore.