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  • What is chip-tuning?

Chip-tuning is used for the vehicle ECU reprogramming in order to improve its power and dynamic parameters. Because of the ECU reprogramming, fuel consumption and gas exhaust will be reduced. Read more about it in the section Eco-tuning.

  • How does it work?

Earlier, this service meant replacing the old microscheme with an improved one. Nowadays, this service is made by reprogramming ECU with a special equipment. Generally, we do not need to take out the microscheme from the car. As cars became modern, with the functions of ECU, we are able to change and control most of the engine parameters. Such as fuel injection, air flow, turbine pressure, etc. The best power and fuel consumption results are available by reprogramming ECU. There are 3 ways of reprogramming the ECU. The first and very often used way is scan, modify and install ECU files through OBD (automobile’s diagnostics connect). Second way is to scan, modify and install files to the car computer, but the computer must be taken out from the car with a special equipment. And the last way is take out certain microscheme with a special equipment from the car computer and then scan, modify and install files.

  • What are the benefits?

A well done chip-tuning increase car power by 20-30%, add torque and reduce fuel consumption by 10%. So the automobile becomes more dynamic and economical.

  • Why should you use Chipas.lt service?

Considering the busyness of modern clients, and the lack of time for taking a car for a repair – and picking back again – Chipas.lt offers you an exclusive service – Mobile laboratory. We have plenty of qualified specialists that are always ready to service you. We also have VW Caddy with all equipment needed for service. The main advantage of our service is that the customers decide when and where they want to get their car fixed. If you cannot afford waiting for the car repair, diagnostics etc., we are ready to deliver your car to the agreed place. If you are disappointed with the service, it will cost you absolutely nothing What should you know?